Croatian Radio Club NY

Voice of Free Croatia

established 1969



For many years we have brought in to the radio featured comments! Judi Croatian emigrants. In recent years, we get the cooperation of a number of reporters from the country, which made us neizmjemo owes his comments from the battlefield and in diplomacy. We worked so became public forum-speaker, you could not avoid the political leaders of the Croatian or former prisoners and convicts, who were on their way to other okolostima testified for Croatia. And here in New York were founded the party in their homeland. We were on the radio is open to all, that in our shows her opinion. Croatian radio since its inception it has remained true to its principles, it has remained all-Croatian and independent.

Now issue this memorial book as a document and chronicle Onega that happened over the years. So we have just celebrated the solemn 25-anniversary of our Croatian Cultural Center in Manhattan. On this occasion divided thank deserving members of the club, and deceased members who have not experienced this historic time, issued memorials” in memoriam ‘: I personally was happy see his homeland for the first time after 34 years. He seemed to me that I never left, because all those years I lived with it. In the end I want to thank all my colleagues, and especially its current board of 12 members, as well as those who have unselfishly helped our hospital from day one. V steel would be a list of all. To all of you thank you.

We gratefully emphasize the role of the Catholic iupe St. Cyril and Methodius, and its mission among the Croatians. Franciscans took care of their people and have supported the spirit of unity and patriotism. Our parish has a Croatian religious radio program, which is consummated in the service with our own people. Croatian Center’s main meeting Croats New York and for that we are grateful to our parish, who cares that this feels like home. Longtime proudly promotes cooperation and understanding between our church and our Croatian Radio Club.

With all due pietetom remember President and unforgettable friend Mira Gala, as well as those who have left us in the last few years. These are John Pintar, honorary chairman, Anthony Barulic, former chairman and professor. Bogdan Radica commentator.

Performing the duty of the President of Croatian Radio Club more than 15 years, I take this opportunity to thank the entire membership for their confidence and given support to improve our work in the future. And now, as we celebrate the 25 anniversary, call for cooperation to all Croatians New Y Orcs, to continue even greater vigor to the future anniversary of happiness and prosperity “of our beautiful”.

Vinko Kuzina, predsjednik